Addendum to previous post

Today was definitely a day to play it by ear.

3:30pm – Robin gets home as planned, and tells me he needs to go into work tonight. I head to my dr.’s appointment, and while there, decide I’d better try to get into lab for an hour or so. After my appointment (which goes late), I head to school.

5:30pm – arrive in lab, simultaneously start a gel and a PCR purification. The latter goes perfectly (thank goodness, it was what didn’t work this morning) and I prep it for sequencing. Gel goes fine, but both gel docks I know of are password protected and in other labs that are now empty of people. Flail around till I find a third gel dock, and run out at 7:10pm.

7:40pm – arrive home just in time to kiss J goodnight. Poor kid is even more congested than when I left, and still feverish. Ah well, there goes Friday. Robin heads out to buy stuff for work, I get on Skype to discuss with the postdoc what happened to the experiment I handed off to him this morning.

Right now – Robin’s back home, on the phone with work. Looks like I’ll be on home duty tomorrow morning till lunchtime, and then I get the afternoon to analyze data, meet with biostatisticians in my lab, and hopefully with a scientific writer whose brain I want to pick on career stuff. I’ll have to head into lab for at least 4 hours over the weekend.


Breakdown of household duties:

Shared items: laundry, dishes

Robin: bathroom, kitty litter box (this used to be shared, but he took over while I was pregnant and it just stayed that way)

mostly Robin: cooking, taking out the trash

Wedge: clearing the dishwasher, all floors except the bathroom (sweeping, mopping, vacuuming)

things that just never happen – dusting, ironing (thank you dryer for dewrinkling setting), yardwork (our condo complex hires folks to do that)

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5 Responses to Addendum to previous post

  1. anandi says:

    OK, I think the world of Science has changed since I was in grad school in the 90s. WTH is a gel dock? Does that mean you’re not taking those weird b&W Polaroid photos under UV light with the crazy old expensive cameras to analyze your results??

  2. anandi says:

    ooh, awesome. Yeah, I only know how I do the “old way” 🙂

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