being back in the lab after 5 days at home…

… and coming back to a 15 hour bench day feels pretty much like this

(hat tip to Elisa, who linked this on her Google status)

J’s cries as he was held back by his preschool teachers this morning didn’t help. I literally pried his arms and legs off my leg so I could leave his classroom, after 10 minutes of reassuring him that I would see him after playtime. One of the other parents arrived and exclaimed “he IS normal!” (My typical exit from preschool consists of a quick kiss and hug, and he runs off to play, with little regard to me. I suspect the normal ease of my exit is envied.)

I guess J and I are both flailing a bit today, recovering from the 5 day weekend of illness recovery and parental juggling.

Let’s see if I can recover from that jump…

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