Science in the media, redux

Once again rising out from thesis preparation/single parenting rough seas to make a quick post. (Robin and I really have ridiculously bad timing. He’s doing a ton of travel, just as I am attempting to finish benchwork and begin writing. Whose bright idea was that?)

I linked to the wikipedia page on popular science in my previous post on spokesmen for science, but I did not mention that I also took a gander at the wikipedia page on science journalism. Part of the reason I did not comment further on it is that the topic of my post was more on scientists in the media, not the media folks who cover science. But another reason was that the science journalism page is a bit sparse.

So I was rather delighted when a thread popped up on one of the National Association of Science Writers listservs concerning the greatest science writers of the last 100 years. Some of the folks brought up in the thread were then mentioned in a Knight Science Journalism Tracker post. I’m in the middle of reading Merchants of Doubt, which is a combination of science journalism and science policy, and when I finish it, I’ll start hitting up some of the authors mentioned in these threads.

Another consequence of the thread (which is also mentioned in that post) is that there is now movement to rehab the science journalism wiki page. I look forward to seeing it develop.

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