ch ch ch ch ch changes

Obviously, there’s a lot going on for me right now. Transitional events have been ongoing since practically the start of the calendar year. Over the fall and winter, I did a lot of research in what I want my career to look like post PhD, and then much of that got put on the backburner in the spring while I worked feverishly towards finishing my degree.

And then, this also got thrown in the mix.

Dragon Baby due December 2012

Nothing like a month of HORRID morning sickness to help one prepare for a thesis defense. Frankly, there is no good time to have a baby. Don’t let anyone fool you on that, you’ll think your ducks are in a row, but when it does finally happen you’re NEVER prepared for that positive test!

Thankfully, my committee didn’t bat an eye that I proceeded to stuff my face during closed session. (I found it was key that I eat almost every hour to combat the nausea.)

While the morning sickness was ill timed, I did get to take it easy towards the end of first trimester, in the week or two after I did my oral defense. The majority of my second trimester will take place during my writing quarter, which is great, since I can put some real energy into wrapping things up properly. Energy that I have not had the past 2 months (hence the neglect of this blog).

I’m also in the process of evaluating two different positions for post-student life. Both involve writing, but at two very different points in the scientific process. One is as a technical writer for a Stanford lab. This position would allow me to still take an active role in the “creation” of science; I’d be helping lab members publish their results, and contributing in a major and direct way to bringing funding to the lab by helping with grants. The second position is as a member of a small scientific consulting/market research firm, in which I’d be summarizing scientific publications and clinical trial results for clients, and eventually, providing expert advise with regards to client specific needs.

Importantly, both positions would hone my writing skills, and provide ample opportunity to interact with scientific communities, and keep me well informed at the cutting edge of medical science. A huge perk of both jobs is that they are mostly telecommuting, which gives me a HUGE amount of flexibility to work around my (growing) family’s needs.

So, yeah. There’s a lot going on right now! But now it’s happening to a much more relaxed (although not well rested, thanks to some wacky pregnancy insomnia) version of myself that is really enjoying the transition.

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3 Responses to ch ch ch ch ch changes

  1. Sarah B. says:

    Wow! Congratulations on everything!
    I bet J will be a loving and supportive older brother.

  2. Both sound like awesome jobs. I’m currently getting my resume whipped into shape by a consultant. After 6 months of trying and getting nothing, I’m starting to suspect that it’s not them, it’s me.

  3. YAY! Congratulations!! And yay for flexible job prospects as well. Rock on.

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