Right now…

Child #1 is supposed to be in his bed, having quiet time. Instead, he is dawdling in the bathroom, after having successfully voided his bowels without whining/crying for the first time in 2 months! (Constipation anxiety. Worse than potty training. I’m crossing my fingers that this is FINALLY the end of it.)

Child #2 is also awake, although I would expect her to be, as I have been laying on the couch for the past half hour, and she tends to move around quite a bit when I am still during the day. This pregnancy has been very different, and frankly, harder than the first. Morning sickness started earlier, lasted longer, and crippling pelvic pain started soon after. Thankfully, physical discomfort has been the only complication; the baby has been healthy, and she doesn’t move at the frantic pace that her brother did, which I am grateful for at night.

R is in Mississippi, on a business trip, hopefully the last before baby arrives in late December. Probably on the factory floor, with body suit and face mask, looking at equipment, or inspecting newly coated windows.

I, as I mentioned above, am ensconced on the couch, with the iPad, and a kitty at my feet. Like J, I am procrastinating. I have one final figure I want to put together for a second manuscript to submit for publication from my thesis work. I need to go into the recent ENCODE papers and do some digging for enhancers that might have to do with my thesis work. If you haven’t heard of ENCODE, it is a massive collaboration between several institutions to find the functional significance of the huge amount of non-coding DNA. (Only a tiny fraction of the DNA in our cells are actually made into the proteins that make up our bodies.) NPR has a nice article about it here.

Child #1 seems to have finally settled down, so I think I am going to punt till tonight after J goes to bed, and take a nap while I can. We have some shopping to do this afternoon, and laundry to fold (we’ve been sorting through J’s old clothes, washing the appropriate hand-me-downs, and putting them away), so science will have to wait just a little while longer so I can gather the energy I need to finish the day as a single parent.

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