Like I said.

That bit where I worried that the rest of the world might not treat my daughter the way they treat my son? Yeah, this recently published study backs that up. I think what shocks me the most is that so many of the really terrible gender stereotypes are being said by GRADUATE STUDENTS. If you care to look at the article itself, take a gander at Figure 1…. more physics graduate students than professors think that “Women seem to have more natural ability in biology than in physics” while fewer graduate students than professors think that “Women are discriminated against more in physics than biology.”

Wow. You young ‘uns should know better.

This Buzzfeed article does a nice job summarizing, so I’ll stop there, but I do want to point out their final sentence…..

It might also be worth teaching male scientists that women don’t innately suck at math, a fact of which female scientists already seem to be aware.

Edited to add: In hindsight, I shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that those graphs represent what the various types of scientists truly think, rather, it represents what they are willing to say in response to the survey. Maybe professors do think those things as well, but know that they’d better not be perceived as thinking that?

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2 Responses to Like I said.

  1. My dad asks me every once in a while (especially after a masterful soldering job), “WHY AREN’T YOU AN ENGINEER?!?!” and I always say, “because the secrets are life are more interesting”. Or maybe if I over-generalize from my school experience: biology profs=awesome, math profs=weirdos, chemistry profs=drunks, and physics profs=jackasses.

    I’m trying so hard with my kids to sneak in math and encourage them in it. Yesterday with my 4yr old we worked on evenly dividing a pile of stars. My 2yr old can count in english and spanish. The goal right now is not so much about skills, but instead I really, really, really want to nip “math anxiety” in the bud.

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