Reconsidering my pacing

I was really set on getting out a post per day digging into the meat of science funding and policy, but I’m finding that I want to put more thought and care into it. There were vague thoughts about posting things before Election Day too, but the more I think about it, the less that matters.

On one hand, who is elected into office plays a huge role in securing funding for NIH, NSF, DoD, and DoE research budgets. Ultimately, the president proposes the budget, and various congressional committees craft the budget which is eventually passed by the legislature. Clearly, if science/technology funding is a priority, we want a president and congressmen who think likewise.

That said, the importance of funding science remains, no matter who is elected. I’ll be optimistic and say that most of our senators and representatives are reasonable.(Unfortunately it seems there are a few exceptions… how he wound up on the science committee mystifies me…) So if constituents (you, dear readers) are willing to be vocal, then change can be affected.

I think that more importantly, it’s a long game. No one’s minds are going to be changed overnight. It’s more vital that voters eventually be informed properly on what we have gained through government funded research, so that for many election cycles going forward, the US will continue to be on the forefront of science and technology.


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