We voted

I picked J up an hour and a half early from after school care, and he was expecting me.

He happily chatted up a storm in the backseat as I drove to city hall to turn my mail in ballot, and contemplated how much has changed and yet stayed the same since 4 years ago. J turned 8 weeks old on Election Day 2008, and I keenly felt not only the momentous historical shift of that night, but also the tectonic personal shift. I was voting for my child that day, 4 years ago. Today, I voted for my children.

I could’ve placed my ballot in the mail a week ago, like R, but it felt important to me to have J help me push my envelope into the box.


Happy boy about to enter the polls

We all have our reasons to vote one way or another, but I hope that we can remember that we ALL vote with our best intentions. Whether for our families, our businesses, our communities.

I voted for marriage equality, for women’s reproductive rights, for healthcare reform, for advancement of science/technology, for my children’s future. What motivated you?

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3 Responses to We voted

  1. All those reasons for me, too.

    And oddly, my blogroll says you last updated 3 years ago. I’m so confused 😛

  2. Yep, my little man was just a baby in a bjorn when I last went to vote for Obama.

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