Yay women gamers!! Oh, wait…

Before lab meeting, I got into a conversation with a female labmate about Diablo III gameplay (we both have level 60+ wizards, in Inferno mode) and right then and there she opened Diablo III on her laptop to show me (much to the amusement of our other labmates).

It occurred to me that this occurrence is likely pretty rare… Two women gamers, both at the extreme high end of a first person slash and hack. I tried to google for the percentage of women Diablo III players, and 2 types of articles popped up: those complaining about stereotyping women (both in game plot and costume) and those discussing how many men prefer to play the sexy looking women characters.

Oh well. Girl Power? Is it a bad thing that I really didn’t blink at how the male characters are covered and the females wear metal bras? I just want to explode stuff! (Honestly, I am usually making fun of R for how ridiculous his barbarian looks.)

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2 Responses to Yay women gamers!! Oh, wait…

    • LOVE IT.

      (R totally plays video games and reads the text for J, too. They’ve been through both Mario Galaxies, the latest Paper Mario, and now they’ve gone old school and are making their way through Super Metroid.)

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