Friday Funny

One of the things I look forward to on Fridays is lab meeting… guarantees that (unless I am presenting) I am going to have less hectic morning, AND free breakfast. (Is it sad that, after 6 years, I still like free food?)

There is actually a Stanford email list that posts alerts to free food on campus….

I wish I had seen this Krulwich post before meeting today. I am totally going to try making a mobius bagel next week.

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3 Responses to Friday Funny

  1. Sigh, I had to stop reading Cham’s comic. It just wasn’t funny anymore 😦

  2. It won’t ever stop- it’s just better food. I’m at a biotech and they still use food to lure us to meetings. The food budget is massive. Keurigs in every kitchen on every floor with 5 kinds of coffee and 2 kinds of tea; fridge stocked with skim, whole milk, and half and half. Meeting starting before 9 get breakfast. Meeting happening at noon get lunch. Pizza, sandwiches, Chinese food, etc. They even arranged a 20% discount at the corporate park’s cafeteria (which they paid to totally renovate and bring in a new management company for). I think it’s a big effort to keep us on-site, no coffee runs or long lunches off-site. But hey, it’s free and I have 10 years in academia under my belt, I am not dissuaded.

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