I wanna see you be brave

ImageAll parents want their children to learn to hold their own. It was not something that I was anxious about when J was a baby, although as he grew I did come to worry that he has more of a follower personality (that’s a story for another post). What I mean is that it never really kept me up at night. He’ll find his own way.

But when I found out our second baby was going to be a girl, it DID keep me up at night. I found myself worrying about how to prepare my daughter for the inherently sexist world we live in.

Z’s 6 months old now, and I’m not really so worried anymore. This child is high-octane. Where J was mellow, she is ridiculously determined. She knows what she wants, and by george, she’s going to get it, and get it NOW, and if not, she lets us know. She was pushing herself up to sitting around 5 months, pulled up to standing last week, and is clearly trying to figure out how to cruise. She’s barely 17 lb of squealing, wriggling spitfire.

Z is strong-willed, and has a temper. I foresee major dramatics when she becomes a toddler, a teenager. That said, I’m glad she already knows how to be brave. I don’t have to worry about how the world treats her… the world is what needs to watch out. Just like J, I know she’ll find her own way.

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