New State of the Wedge

Time to update my Who page, and give an update on what I’m up to in general!

Yes, I am working full time; I started part time when Z was about 2 months old, not because I had to, but because I wanted to. You read that right. My brain is wired to crave adult interaction over sufficiently complex material. Plus, Z was making up for her demanding disposition during the day by sleeping really well at night (waking only once a night by the time she was 10 weeks old), so I had the energy. When she was a little over 3 months old, I started in full time and haven’t looked back.

My new gig is a combination of technical writing and consulting, and thus far I am loving it. I work almost entirely from home, giving me the flexibility to nurse Z, which was important at the beginning when she refused to drink from a bottle. Now that it’s summer, J is also around (both kids are home with our new nanny) which is more challenging, as he is more persistent about wanting to interact with me when I am supposed to be working. I’ve been trying to make a point of having lunch dates with him, and I do like that.

Amusingly (and perhaps, not surprisingly) I have had trouble letting go of the “kids-are-in-bed-must-work-now” inner voice that developed hard core during thesis defense prep. You’d think that over 2 full months of maternity leave would beat that out of me, but no. I still get that itch to pull out my laptop when both kids are in bed. On one hand, it’s a good indication that I like my work; it’s not because of time crunch, but because I genuinely want to work. On the other hand, it’s about time I picked back up all the hobbies that have dropped by the wayside in the past year or so. I’ve got some sewing projects I’ve picked up, and shot an engagement photo session for one of my best friends. I’m also working on getting SCUBA certified for our anniversary trip back to Kauai next month. (Sans babies… gonna have to figure out the logistics of pumping breastmilk on a diveboat!)

J has had both ups and downs with the adjustment to being a big brother. He clearly adores Z, and loves to play with her. His main problems have been (A) he doesn’t know his own strength, and is too rough with her or throws things at her head, and (B) he’s become ridiculously clingy, mostly to his father, but also to me at times. He also seems to be going through a defiant stage which initially threw us for a loop… he never went through the terrible twos/threes, so we were not prepared for this!

Thankfully, R’s work has not taken him out of town too often, so we’ve had lots of time to enjoy our new family of four. He’s continued his tradition of letting me sleep in on the weekends by taking both kids (so long as Z isn’t nursing) and doing almost all the cooking.

All in all, post PhD, life is pretty damned awesome.

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