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New State of the Wedge

Time to update my Who page, and give an update on what I’m up to in general! Yes, I am working full time; I started part time when Z was about 2 months old, not because I had to, but because … Continue reading

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I wanna see you be brave

All parents want their children to learn to hold their own. It was not something that I was anxious about when J was a baby, although as he grew I did come to worry that he has more of a … Continue reading

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emotional vs rational

So much for me and NaBloPoMo. I wound up prioritizing sleep (hard to come by in third trimester, when you have a 4 year old running about) and work, and never quite finished any of the posts I had planned … Continue reading

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We think highly of ourselves now, don’t we?

A sign in the parking lot last week that made me chuckle. An amusing play on the original phrase? A group with a bit of hubris? I suppose this IS Stanford, but geez :p

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Friday Funny

One of the things I look forward to on Fridays is lab meeting… guarantees that (unless I am presenting) I am going to have less hectic morning, AND free breakfast. (Is it sad that, after 6 years, I still like … Continue reading

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Yay women gamers!! Oh, wait…

Before lab meeting, I got into a conversation with a female labmate about Diablo III gameplay (we both have level 60+ wizards, in Inferno mode) and right then and there she opened Diablo III on her laptop to show me … Continue reading

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We voted

I picked J up an hour and a half early from after school care, and he was expecting me. He happily chatted up a storm in the backseat as I drove to city hall to turn my mail in ballot, … Continue reading

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