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We think highly of ourselves now, don’t we?

A sign in the parking lot last week that made me chuckle. An amusing play on the original phrase? A group with a bit of hubris? I suppose this IS Stanford, but geez :p Advertisements

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Reconsidering my pacing

I was really set on getting out a post per day digging into the meat of science funding and policy, but I’m finding that I want to put more thought and care into it. There were vague thoughts about posting … Continue reading

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NaBloPoMo, Federal Funding for Science

It’s National Blog Posting Month, and things are winding down a bit for me. So I figured I’d try my hand at posting every day, and poof, like that, some inspiration arrived for me. First came Nature’s endorsement of Barack … Continue reading

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Like I said.

That bit where I worried that the rest of the world might not treat my daughter the way they treat my son? Yeah, this recently published study backs that up. I think what shocks me the most is that so … Continue reading

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My body for science!

Funny I should have seen this article on participating in clinical trials pop up on my Google News page today, as I recently had an OB appointment and some follow ups on studies in which I am a patient. Working … Continue reading

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A jambalaya about women in science/feminism/politics

There’s been a lot of ‘stuff’ (for lack of a better word) making it through my ‘what’s interesting’ filter in the last week concerning women. It started off with the debate coverage concerning Romney’s ‘binder of women’ and ensuing discussion … Continue reading

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Science in the media, redux

Once again rising out from thesis preparation/single parenting rough seas to make a quick post. (Robin and I really have ridiculously bad timing. He’s doing a ton of travel, just as I am attempting to finish benchwork and begin writing. … Continue reading

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